An internet native currency, stable and decentralized.

Dollar Protocol is an algorithmic money protocol governed by Seigniorage Shares. Dollars will be the object of stabilization and Shares will be the instrument to speculate in and govern the network.

Image courtesy of Robert Sams

The Dollar will trade around $1 and can be used as money. If the Dollar is trading above $1, the protocol issues new USD to users. If the Dollar is trading below $1, the protocol removes USD from circulation.

The protocol rebases every 12 hours at 5:30am/pm UTC.


Owned by the People

Anyone can own Shares and participate in on-chain seigniorage as the market cap of Dollars grows.

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Dollar Protocol Grants

We have just opened up applications from developers to apply for grant funding to build on top of the Dollar Protocol ecosystem. Grants will be paid in Dollar tokens (up to $25K).

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